Wednesday, March 4, 2009

::. TAG from wanli .::

wanli.. sori ekk lmbt amik tag..

Therules:It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have fun! Don't forget to post it!
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1. What is your name: SITI NOOR NAZARIAH

2. Four letter word: SHHH...

3. A boy's name: SHAZAMER (aku penah admire ngan budak laki ni time form 2. hik hik)

4. A girl's name: SOFEA

5. An occupation: SECRETARY

6. A color: SATIN WHITE

7. Something you'll wear: SEPENDER (wakakaka tu jer yg terlintas kat otak ni.)


9. Something found in the bathroom: SYAMPOO

10. A place: SERI GOMBAK (tempat aku habiskn zaman remaja.. mcm2 kenangan adaaaa)

11. A reason for being late: SLEEPY (hehehe..)

12. Something you'd shout: SHUT UPPPPPP!

13. A movie title: SAYANG U CAN DANCE (movie yg tak mungkin akan aku tgk. ekeke)

14. Something you drink: SIRAP

15. A musical group: SPICE GIRLS

16. An animal: SNAKE (menatang yg paling aku geli.. eeeiii )

17. A street: SULTAN HISHAMUDDIN (jln dimana terletaknya opis aku..)

18. A type of car: cooper S.. (ada S jugak kan? hehe..)

19. The title of a song: SAYANG SAYANG (lagu feberet anak2 aku nih..)

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